Celebrating Excellence in Chinook’s Edge

Our division’s strong achievements reflect the hard work and clear priorities of the entire Chinook’s Edge team. Results from the most recent Accountability Pillar and survey results show significant increases in the number of our students who are achieving both levels of acceptable and levels of excellence in Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams across the board. We are proud of our high school completion rates, which continue to be well above provincial average, and we are always gratified by the high results Chinook’s Edge receives for the safe and caring culture in our schools. The focused efforts underway in schools across our division are creating a positive impact for students.

We  are discussing the Accountability Pillar results with our staff, analyzing the data and working together on key goals for continued improvement. We are continuing to focus our efforts on literacy, academic excellence, career transitions, and social emotional framework development, as we set each of our students up for a lifetime of success. Chinook’s Edge is a division of hardworking students, skilled staff, devoted parents and supportive communities. Together, we are a force in support of our mission to help our students achieve success as compassionate and innovative global citizens.

Kurt Sacher

Superintendent of Schools