École H.J. Cody High School Cell Phone Policy
As referenced in Section 31 of the EDUCATION ACT: A student, as a partner in education, has
the responsibility to:
(b) be ready to learn and actively engage in and diligently pursue the student’s education
(d) respect the rights of others in the school
(e) refrain from, report and not tolerate bullying or bullying behaviour directed toward others in
the school, whether or not it occurs within the school building, during the school day or by
electronic means
(f) comply with the rules of the school and the policies of the board
(g) co-operate with everyone authorized by the board to provide education programs and other
(h) be accountable to the student’s teachers and other school staff for the student’s conduct
Cell Phones
Cell phones must be powered down and put away while in the classroom. Devices capable of
capturing, transmitting, or storing images or recording and storing audio may NOT be operated
in restrooms, dressing rooms, classrooms, the school office, or other areas where there is a
reasonable expectation of privacy.
All students must adhere to the following policy:
1. Cell phone use is prohibited during class time and PLT unless there is HJC staff consent
to use cell phones to enhance learning. Cell phones will be powered down and put away
until a staff member directs students to use them.
2. Cell phones may be used before and after school, during lunch, and during breaks from
3. Cell phones will not be used for music devices in the classroom unless students have a
diagnosed accommodation or are given teacher permission.
4. Parents are asked NOT to text or phone students during instructional time. For
emergency purposes, parents may contact the office.
***HJC staff have autonomy to continue using current strategies/routines to support this
Students who are in violation of this policy:
● First offense - cell phone will be placed on the staff member’s desk for the remainder of
○ Teachers must add this to log entries.
● Second offense - the item will be confiscated by the staff member and brought to
administration. The cell phone will be released to the student at the end of the day.
○ Admin will add this to log entries.
● Third offense - the item will be confiscated by the staff member and brought to
administration. Administration will make contact with parent/guardian.
○ The admin will add this to log entries.
* If a student refuses to give up their phone to a staff member, the cell phone will be confiscated
for the remainder of the school day and the student will serve an in-school suspension for
*HJC School and Staff are not responsible for the loss or damage of student cell phones.